MILIFIDEL's Coming Back Soon!

New website & shirt designs to watch out for! Collaboration's underway too! Keep up with everything new and scroll down to find out how.


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We're still in the fight -- wear it strong and with pride. All Milifidel t-shirts are made and designed in the USA in support of the men and women who serves, and have served, in the armed forces.


Originating from the latin words “Militia” and “Fidelitas.”

1.    Militia, derivation for the English words army, military force/service.
2.    Fidelitas, derivation for the English word faithful, loyal.

The Milifidel brand, its clothing line and accessories, were created to pay homage to US military service members: past, present and future --- and to honor their acts of bravery, sacrifices and devotion to our nation.

On a collaborative and exclusive effort, Milifidel designs will soon be available on a select number of dry performance tee's. Watch out for it!

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